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A group of young men and women within the area of Botleng-Delmas and outside, felt they had a social responsibility to play in the upliftment of their community. Fuelled by the BLAZE that has been burning in their hearts, mind, body and soul over the past 10 years, the blaze heat was no longer bearable and it sparked the dawn of Botleng Ablaze in January 2006.

Botleng Ablaze is a Non profit and Non Governmental organisation, which aims to bridge the gap of social development between the stake holders and the community in order to provide accelerated growth of youth development and the economy of our country.

In order to build a strong community it is important that our youth live a balanced life. This forms the philosophy of our organisation, by encouraging the youth to live their lives using the five pillars of life.

These pillars are

  1. Education and Career Development
  2. Sports and Recreation
  3. Arts and Culture
  4. Health and Environment
  5. Economic and Entrepreneurship

Aims and Objectives

Our Vision

To promote youth development from infant-teenage-young adult stages through adopting the concept of living a "balanced life".
To be ambassadors in the social upliftment our community and the country.
To be an organisation of choice in subscribing to our vision, mission and core values.

Our Mission

Botleng Ablaze is a community-based organisation that is recognised locally, provincially and nationally as an institution that:

  • Promotes moral re-generation, family values, personal belonging and identity, spirit of art and visionary aspirations (Arts, culture and education pillar )
  • Cultivate knowledge and wisdom as well as progress through sharing via academic networking (Career and Education pillar)
  • Promote sportsmanship, cultural tolerance, and group dynamics, establishing eternal friendship; create culture of winning as a nation (Sport and Recreation pillar)
  • Embrace environmental forces behind human survival such as preserving air, fire, earth and water (Health and Environment pillar)
  • Adopts a health lifestyle, instill a culture of social wellness, entrepreneurship, economic development and crime free society (Socio-Economic lifestyle and Justice pillars)

Our Core Values

  1. To show commitment to the cause
  2. To possess willingness that will makes us able
  3. To respect confidentiality from all sources of information
  4. To conduct ourselves with integrity
  5. To avoid conflict of interest and self enrichment when serving in the organisation

Area of Operation

Our operational area is within Botleng-Delmas District.